What is Physiotherapy?

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), in consultation with CPA Branch Presidents and Division Chairs and regulatory and academic representatives, has updated the Description of Physiotherapy in Canada.

The Description defines what physiotherapy is, the methods physiotherapists use, and the purpose for physiotherapists’ action. ‘It is complementary to other documents that ground and guide physiotherapy practice such as the Essential Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada (ACCPAP, Alliance, CPA & CCPUP, 2009) and the Entry-to- Practice Physiotherapy Curriculum: Content Guidelines for Canadian University Programs (CCPUP, CPA, Alliance & ACCPAP, 2009).

The Description outlines the definition of physiotherapy and identifies physiotherapy interventions, areas of practice, practice settings and education. This document is a valuable resource for physiotherapists in their discussions with other health professionals, health system leaders and the public.

Description of Physiotherapy in Canada 2012